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Neyor… Says Neyor  

Montserrado County Senatorial candidate Christopher Z. Neyor has disclosed that the 2014 Special Election is about the country’s future and the management of its oil resource.


Mr. Neyor, a former president of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) told his supporters during the kickoff of his campaign in Mount Barclay, outside Monrovia, that the country’s last extractive resource(oil) is about to emerge.

According to him, God has given the country oil, following the near depletion of its gold, diamonds, timbers and other resources.

Neyor said the country will be lifted from poverty if its oil resource is properly managed.

“But, if we mismanaged this oil resource, our country will go down the tube of irrelevant,” he said.

He disclosed that he is spearheading a campaign for change so that Liberia can’t be like Equatorial Guinea which is poor, despite its huge oil deposit.

He indicated that the oil resource in Equatorial Guinea, a country half the size of Liberia, is being managed by the first family, while the rest of its citizens live in abject poverty.

“We want to ensure that our oil resource is used for the benefit of our country,” he emphasized.

He made reference to the billion tons of iron ores extracted from Mount Nimba in Northern Liberia and said it only enriched foreigners.

He observed that despite all the country’s resources, Liberia is amongst the poorest countries in the world with deplorable road networks in slum communities in Montserrado.

The former Managing Director of the Liberia Electricity Cooperation (LEC) disclosed that rural Montserrado County, where he was born is usually forgotten, when a senator is elected.

 “This is because they think Monrovia is Montserrado County. But today, I have come to kick off our campaign for change here in rural Liberia, where I was born,” he told a crowd of jubilant supporters.