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Werner...Minister-Designate Tells Senate

Health Minister-designate George K. Werner has spoken of plans to have the health sector of the country improved as a means of addressing curable diseases.


Mr. Werner, former Director General of the Civil Service Agency made the disclosure when he appeared before the Senate Committee on Health for confirmation hearing on Thursday at the Capitol.

Werner told the committee of plans to strengthen the healthcare sector through capacity development as well as improving personnel and system management processes.

He acknowledged improvement in the restoration of basic healthcare and said that more needed to be done, adding that establishing functional referral hospitals to address women and children issues is paramount.

The Health Minister designate also spoke of plans that will lead to the rebuilding of healthcare system, disclosing that over 25 institutions including Harvard University and institutions from India have consented to provide training for thousand of healthcare workers in the country through a partnership.

He indicated that over 30,000 healthcare workers will be needed within the next 10-20 years to ably address the healthcare needs of Liberia.

Werner noted that the training of workers will also be spread across health institutions in the country. Specialized trainings, he said, will be provided to health institutions in the country.    

He informed the committee that the healthcare problem in the country has nothing to do with resources, but instead, personnel capacity to deliver on time and building system by making it more transparent.

He believes when system and coordinated processes are instituted, disease like that of Ebola will meet Liberia prepared when it resurfaces.

The youthful Health Minister designate noted that the lack of appreciation for healthcare workers is another problem his leadership will address when confirmed by the Senate.

Quizzed by Senators regarding his experience and preparedness, he disclosed his background as clinical therapist in the United States for years and later entered a program for Nero Disability with knowledge about pediatrics.

He told the committee of his preparedness and urged them to give him the opportunity so that he could help transform the deplorable healthcare sector of the country.