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pennohPolice in Monrovia have arrested and detained a man identified as Beyan Flomo on the Old Road for trying to blackmail Grand Gedeh Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue. He was arrested following a complaint by Rep. Pennue.

Rep. Pennue in his complaint accused Flomo of criminal cohesion, an allegation Flomo admitted to during police investigation Wednesday.

Beyan Flomo who begs for mercy told journalists that he erred in his actions and deeds. According to him, he chose to lie on the Grand Gedeh lawmaker for some financial benefits.

Flomo explained that he has never seen the lawmaker in person, but decided to carry on the blackmailing to get money from him, and to place him into trouble when he refuses.

Flomo, who regretted his actions narrated that he got the lawmaker’s cell phone number from one Edward Slangar, a family member to the lawmaker and a businessman as well. He said he is a mechanic to Slangar and do some electrical work as well.

Speaking to reporters at the Airfield Police detachment, Rep. Zoe Emmanuel Pennue said the actions of Flomo had the propensity to tarnish his reputation.

Lawmaker Pennue told a team of journalists that he has forgiven Flomo for whatever he (Flomo) did. He said based on family members’ appeal, he decided to have Flomo released from jail.