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The Planned Parenthood Association of Liberia (PPAL) has presented a position statement to the Government of Liberia on harnessing the gains of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), the lessons and recommendations beyond 2014 review process.

The review process instilled in the United Nations Secretary General’s Global Report Framework of Actions (PoA), provides the means to carry forward the paradigm shift of the ICPD despite the identified unfinished business that still exists while also responding to challenges.

PPAL said the ICPD beyond 2014 review process engages member states and a wide range of stakeholders in an open and transparent process.

The PPAL in a statement Wednesday said the ICPD intends to identify a wide range of groups that face persistent discrimination, quantify the cost of discrimination for people and societies as well as the importance of non-discrimination without distinction of any kind.

The group indicated that the country is at a critical intersection, and that it is now time to stand up for dignity and human rights in order to guarantee the health for all people.

The PPAL’s statement, under the signature of its Executive Director Miatta Karen Kiawu, told the Liberian government that the ICPD findings map the way to reducing maternal morbidity and mortality, including the importance of legal access to safe abortion aimed at saving lives of women and girls.

“It reflected much of the diversity of the comprehensive development agenda that the ICPD represent; addressing sexual and reproductive health, reproductive rights, the needs and aspirations of adolescent and young persons with disability and gender equality,” the statement said.

PPAL urged the government of Liberia to take full advantage of the General Assembly Special Session on ICPD and to commit to the full declaration on population and development in Africa beyond 2014 as well as ensure that it is reflected in the post 2015 development agenda.