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….Against Local Officials

voteofnoconfidentThe House of Representatives have instructed its Chief Clerk Mildred Siryon to write President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, informing her that they have cast a vote of no confidence in two of her appointed officials from Nimba County.

They include Fong Zuagele, Superintendent and TeekoYorlay, Assistant Superintendent for Development.

The lawmakers mandated the Chief Clerk to inform the President as part of coordination in government that they have come to the realization that they can no longer work with these two local county officials due to their persistent disrespectful actions shown toward the Legislature.

The decision followed several hours of hearing Tuesday when Supt. Zuagele and his deputy appeared before Plenary to address themselves to series of allegations levied against them by the Nimba Legislative Caucus.

The Nimba caucus claimed that the local officials were bent on disrespecting them and misdirecting funds intended to fight the Ebola virus in the county.

Last week, Nimba Legislative Caucus complained to Plenary to summon Supt. Zuagele and Assistant Supt. Yorlay to show cause why they cannot be held in contempt for being lord onto themselves in running the county’s affairs.

In a communication, the Caucus accused the two county officials of misdirecting US$100,000 intended for the county’s Health Team to fight the Ebola Virus. The communication also said the local officials unilaterally suspended the chairman of the Project Management Committee (PMC).

The assigned vehicle to the PMC Chairman, according to the Caucus, has also been seized by Superintendent Zuagele without any reference to the County’s Legislative Caucus.   

The Caucus further said instead of the money be given directly to the County’s Health Team, Superintendent Zuagele misdirected the money and diverted huge portion for himself.

According to the Caucus, Supt Zuagele allegedly distributed the balance of the US$100,000 with commissioners, Paramount Chiefs and City Mayors who do not have medial experience.

“Since the confirmation of Supt Zuagele, he has since become a ‘self-styled’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the county by unilaterally placing a hold on the county’s account without any reference to the caucus, which has retarded all approved and ongoing projects,” the Caucus claimed.

However, appearing before Plenary Tuesday, Supt. Zuagele and Deputy Teeko Yorlay admitted to suspending the PMC Chairman, even though they do not have such authority.

Supt. Zuagele said their action to suspend the PMC Chairman was based on fraud.

On issues of the US$100,000, Supt Zuagele denied misdirecting the money and said the disbursement was made with the knowledge of the County’s Health Team, contrary to the Nimba Lawmakers’ claims.