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jmensahA group of young people believed to be from the Federation of Nimba Youth and Student Organizations (FENYSO) on Sunday allegedly attacked journalist Saye Massah of the National Chronicle Newspaper and seized his camera.

According to Journalist Massah, some members of the group under the leadership of one Gus Siaway reportedly seized his camera and rained insults at him while he was photographing a scene at a meeting between FENYSO and Nimba County Legislative Caucus.  

The Chronicle reporter told The NEWS that he nearly got flogged by Siaway and his group during the program held at a public school in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The meeting, according to him, was disrupted by the group who publicly rained insults at their lawmakers.

Stanley Baien, head of FENYSO acknowledged the seizure of the camera but said he was not on the scene when the incident occurred.

“Mr. Massah called to inform me about the seizure of his camera by Siaway, who I immediately requested to return the journalist’s camera,” Baien said via phone.  

When contacted, Siaway said he mistook the journalist to be a staffer in the office of one of the lawmakers.

He said he has turned over Massah’s camera to a senior colleague who he didn’t name.

However, journalist Massah has threatened to seek the police intervention in retrieving his camera, because it is more than three days since his gadget was seized by the student group.