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…Citizens Alarms 

Citizens of Quardu-Gborni district in Lofa County have expressed fear that the current situation in their district could deteriorate if nothing is done immediately to have food and medical supplies in the area.

The district once considered to be the hot spot center of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, has made some improvements in recent weeks with low deaths recorded, following the intervention of Doctors without Borders.

Fumbah V. Kanneh, an executive of Quardu-Gborni Taskforce told journalists Monday that there are shortages of food and medical supplies in the district.

Kanneh said that food provided by the WFP and other philanthropists were inadequate.

Kanneh explained that people in the district were experiencing immense hardship due to the measure instituted which has led to the entire area been quarantined.

He added that community leaders have also quarantined some homes within the district due to the reported deaths and for fear that people leaving those homes may spread the virus.

He acknowledged assistance rendered by Vice President Joseph N Boakai, Representative Mariamu B. Fofana and citizens of the district in Monrovia and the Diaspora.

He indicated that citizens of the district in the Diaspora and Monrovia have rallied and presented 100 bags of rice to the people in the district.     

Also speaking, Mr. Mohammed M. Kelleh recalled the deaths in the district to two hundred three persons; something he said speaks volume to how the district has been affected by the Ebola virus.

He called on the government to enhance the capacity of volunteers in the county so that they will spread messages of prevention.

However, Madam Madusu Sheriff-Sesay, an executive of the taskforce called on government and the international partners to establish a treatment center in the district which will be utilized to contain the virus.

She pointed out that hospitals and clinics in other parts of the county should also be opened to address the health care needs of the people.