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ppressPolice Spokesman Sam Collins escaped death on Friday, September 12, 2014 within the vicinity of Vai and Clara Towns on Bushrod Island when the vehicle in which he was riding somersaulted twice.

Mr. Collins was said to have been on an excessive speed when the accident occurred.

Collins is currently nursing minor injury at his residence but report gathered by this paper reveals that Police authorities are outraged with Spokesman Collins over the accident.

A source close to LNP headquarters hinted that the administration is considering the indefinite suspension of Mr. Collins because, according to the source, the assigned vehicle was misused.

The source indicated that Police Director Chris Massaquoi is angry with his spokesman because the vehicle did not last for more than three months with the Public Affairs department.   

“Since the accident, our spokesman has not been coming to work; in fact, the Director of Police has no explanation as to how the accident occurred”, the source revealed.

Meanwhile, Police are said to be reviewing several options as to whether Collins should be suspended or relieved of his post in the wake of the road traffic accident. Collins was said to have been on his personal affairs when the police was arresting armed robbers, which should have been published, an angry senior police officer said. 

Information from the police says Collins was not on assignment when the accident took place.

The Facebook page of Mr. Collins has confirmed the accident indicating that his condition remains stable. The Police spokesman is asking for prayers.