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Following the death of Capt. James Morlu, Deputy Speaker Hans M. Barchue has told the Sergeant At Arms at the House of Representatives General Martin Johnson to quarantine himself by staying away from the Capitol Building.

The instruction from the Deputy Speaker which also includes the staffers of Gen. Johnson followed news of the death of Capt Morlu, a door keeper to the Chambers of the House of Representatives.

Capt. Morlu reportedly died from the Ebola virus recently at the Redemption Hospital in Monrovia.

Prior to his death, Morlu showed signs and symptoms of the virus. Family members have rejected claims that Morlu died from the Ebola virus.

Speaking to Legislative reporters following hours of meeting with staffers in the Sergeant At Arms’ Office Wednesday, Deputy Speaker Barchue said Johnson and staff have been advised to stay away from the Capitol for the rest of September for observation as a mean of taking precautionary measures against the Ebola virus.

 “We are still trying to confront whether it was Ebola or not; as you are aware when one dies and the technicians come and take specimen, it takes days before the result can come. So we are still awaiting result from the Ebola people,” Deputy Speaker Barchue indicated.

He said decision to ask the Sergeant At Arms and his team to stay away is due to the close working relationship they had with the late Morlu.

 Deputy Speaker Barchue noted that these measures are intended to safeguard the Capitol Building, lawmakers and other people who have to come to work on a daily basis.

He said Gen. Johnson and staffers will be monitored by the World Health Organization Contact Tracing Team.

It can be recalled that the House of Representatives announced the suspension of Tuesday’s session to allow its Chambers and surrounding offices to be disinfected due to a probable case of Ebola, following Morlu’s death.

The WHO Contact Tracing Team had earlier advised the Sergeant-At-Arms and all Chamber door keepers who the late Morlu directly interacted with prior to his death to isolate themselves for the period of 21 days.