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Employees of the National Chronicle Newspaper have called on the Liberian Government to immediately re-open the paper so as to continue its information dissemination in the midst of the country’s health crisis.

The Chronicle employees say the forceful closure of the paper without court warrant is an act of muscling press freedom.

This action, according to the paper’s employees, is an act of jungle justice and a violation of human rights.

According to a release, “it is in the interest of the government and its declared commitment to press freedom and freedom of speech, if the ban on the operations of the newspaper and the closure of its offices were unconditionally lifted.”

On Thursday, August 14, 2014, the Liberia National Police illegally and unconstitutionally burst into the offices of the National Chronicle Newspaper on Carey Street without a warrant.

  The employees also condemned the government for violating the organic laws of the country and said it was irresponsible, immature and reckless for the government to use dozens of armed police officers to close down a legally registered entity.

They alleged that the police mal-handled the institution’s Managing Editor Jah Johnson, Sub-Editor Monica Samuel, News Editor Emmanuel Mensah, and IT Officer Emmanuel Logan.

They also disclosed that Messrs Logan and Mensah were detained by the police.

They claimed that the action of the government to keep the establishment perpetually closed without a genuine reason, has subjected them to abject poverty.