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  …Lofa Lawmaker

By Alloycious David

repmassaquoiA member of the House of Representatives, Clarence Massaquoi said the holding of the October Senatorial Election amidst the outbreak of the Ebola virus across the country would be insensitive.

The Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Cllr. Jerome Kokoya recently said both houses of the National Legislature have mandated the Commission to proceed with the conduct of the October election as scheduled, despite request for postponement of the poll.

But Representative Massaquoi said even though the postponement of the election would create constitutional crisis, however, he said “it will be insensitive to say the election should be held at all cost in October.”

He disclosed that the House of Representatives has mandated its legal session to look at the legal implications of postponing the election.

Representative Massaquoi stressed the need to involve the Judiciary and the civil society in resolving the matter.

Representative Massaquoi observed that if the election is not held, the 15 senators will be rendered illegitimate, “thus creating a big constitutional matter.” a