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-LMHRA Discloses

harmfuldrugsThe Director of the Liberia Medicine Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) says the sale of harmful drugs on the Liberian market has reduced significantly to at least 10 percent.

Mr. David Sumo attributed the reduction of harmful drugs on the market to his organization pro-activeness in monitoring the importation of drugs by importers.

He named the Abeer pharmacy as one of the importers of drugs to have begun the sale of dreadful drugs, something he said is not unique.

He explained the lack of logistics and human resource capacity is impeding the effectiveness of the LMHRA to carry on its mandate as a regulator.

He pointed out that there are over 41 licensed drugs importers in the country and less than 20 of said number are active in drugs importation.

The LMHRA director indicated that it is important for consumers to be educated on the purchase of drugs because most of the medication on the market is not healthy for consumption.

“The LMHRA has observed with grave concern that in the wake of our fight against the deadly Ebola virus outbreak in the country, some medications have surfaced on our pharmaceutical markets that are not safe for consumption,” Director Sumo said.

Commenting on the role of LMHRA in the fight against the Ebola virus, Director Sumo said the authority is conducting public awareness to all pharmacies and the general public.

He noted that the fight against Ebola virus is not individual’s fight but a national emergency.

“We carry out public awareness to combat the Ebola virus, in fact, we have engaged pharmacies and medicines stores across Monrovia and its environs to ensure that the public takes the required preventive measures as advised by the health sector” Sumo stressed.