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…In Three Weeks

ebolasurviverThe Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFK) has recorded at least 83 Ebola deaths and 60 survivors over the last three weeks, a consultant of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Ebola Case Management has said.

Dr. Atai Omoruto said as of August 17, the JFK Ebola Treatment Unit, headed by a team of Ugandan doctors recorded at least 146 Ebola suspected patients, including 71 males and 78 females.

Speaking at the 5th discharged program of 16 Ebola survivors at JFK Monday, Dr. Omoruto said out of the 146 patients, 85 were confirmed of the Ebola virus, 32 cases were suspected while 26 cases were tested negative of the virus.

She said 60 of the patients have been discharged over the last three weeks while 83 died.

The WHO Ebola Case Management Consultant said most of the 83 patients who died were either dead on arrival or at the point of death before being taken to the center.

She said out of the 83 deaths, 36 were males and 47 females. Ebola kills 90 percent of its victims, according to the WHO.

 Speaking on behalf of the Ebola survivors, Joseph Baker, an employee of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) said they survived at the mercy of God and tireless efforts of the Ugandan and Liberian doctors assigned at the ETU.

“Death came to us face-to-face and we only made it by the grace of God and these doctors…God first and our doctors came second; our Ugandan and Liberian doctors…” Mr. Baker joyfully stated.

 He said they were fed four times daily while undergoing treatment at the center. This report was made possible through the Liberian Media Center/IREX program.