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One of several individuals who testified on behalf of the state in the trial involving some Liberians convicted of mercenarism, seems despondent and is about to open-up.

Witness Thomas Gladior, a former Correction Officer assigned at the Zwedru Correction Palace in Grand Gedeh County, said promises made by the government before the conclusion of the case are not forthcoming.

He disclosed that the government had promised to process his and family passports to leave the country following the trial; however, he said government has failed to do so.

Mr. Gladior explained that prior to serving as an insider witness for the government, he and Solicitor-General Cllr. Betty Lamin-Blamo allegedly reached an agreement to provide him passports and money as compensation for his testimony in the case.

Besides the money, Gladior also alleged that the Government has not processed passports for him and his family to leave the country.

Witness Gladior spoke to The News on Friday at the Temple of Justice during an exclusive interview, after meeting with the County Attorney Cllr. J. Daku Mulbah on the matter behind closed door.

The aggrieved witness disclosed that since the trial ended with the Government winning the case, coupled with the conviction of the 13 defendants, Cllr. Lamin-Blamo has allegedly been dribbling him for his passports and money.

Gladior said he was allegedly handcuffed and dragged from the office of the County Attorney to the headquarters of the Liberia National Police in 2013 after he had requested the state prosecutors to pay part of his money before being cross-examined.

The witness, who did not state the amount promised him by the Government, displayed two birth certificate forms from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, bearing his photo and a boy, which according to him, were intended to be used in processing their passports at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Witness Gladior told this paper that when he met with Dr. H. Bioma Fahnbulleh, National Security Advisor to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf last week to discuss how Government would pay him, Cllr. Lamin-Blamo allegedly called Dr. Fahnbulleh and told him that she had been providing food for Gladior and his family since the case ended last June.

The witness further averred that he had met with some officials of the National Security Agency (NSA) on the same issue, but one Pearson assured him that at the end of September, he would find him a package.

Gladior alleged that one of the state witnesses, Baryee Gaye, whom he brought from Zahn Town, Grand Gedeh County to testify against defendant Nyezee Barway has allegedly been abandoned by the state.

He claimed that Cllr. Lamin-Blamo allegedly gave witness Gaye US$500.00 as compensation and has become a ‘street boy’ residing in the Gulf, along the Gardnerville area.

The witness added that because of the testimonies given against their fellow Krahn brothers, their lives have been threatened with death and cannot travel to Grand Gedeh County.

It can be recalled that in 2011 and 2012, the Government of Liberia indicted 19 Liberians for the crime of Mercenarism for their alleged involvement in the Ivorian crises that led to the killing of seven United Nations Peacekeepers in June 2012.

Out of the 19 persons indicted, the Liberian government entered a plea of nolle prosequoi on behalf of Prince Barclay, one of the defendants who fought alongside with the mercenaries to serve as state witness.