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ministerbushTransport Minister Angela Cassell Bush says her administration would partner with all relevant stakeholders in the transport sector to combat Ebola.

She observed that without the cooperation and support of stakeholders in the transport sector, the Ministry of Transport will not succeed.

Minister Bush told the leadership of various transport unions recently that her administration would continue to engage them through the appropriate channels to improve the transport sector.

The Transport Minister said she values contributions of the unions and will do everything possible to build cordial working ties with them.

 “We realize the importance of your respective roles; we are presently working out modalities and as soon as that is complete we will work with you to join us in the robust fight against Ebola,” she said.

The unions congratulated Minister Bush for collaborating with them to fight Ebola in the transport sector and pledged their support to her administration.

They unions called on the Minister to decentralize the ministry's activities especially driver's license and vehicles registration.