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….At ELWA Hospital

ebolacenterThe Ebola Treatment Center at the ELWA Hospital has been temporarily closed to the public due to the lack of space.

The ELWA Treatment Center, according health sources was temporarily closed to new patients for ongoing expansion of the facilities.

The source told a team of LMC/IREX sponsored journalists Tuesday that securities and health workers have been ordered to reject all new patients coming to the facilities until otherwise notified.

The source hinted that the entire center including the 120 beds facility has been overwhelmed with patients. The source said additional units are being constructed.

Expansions were seen ongoing at the treatment center while patients coming to the center were denied. Over three patients were rejected.

A female accompanying of one of the patients refused to take the patients away when she was asked to do so.

The lady, who was seen wearing protective gears was heard saying: “I will not take him from here, the man is dying and you are asking me to carry him back…Where will I take him…?”

 The rejected patients were transported to the Center in separate commercial taxi caps.

The government and partners recently constructed and dedicated additional 120 beds facility at the ELWA Treatment Center in Paynesville but the entire center is filled with Ebola patients.