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gmulbahThe House of Representatives has ratified the Arms Treaty Bill in compliance with the United Nations General Assembly.

The Bill was submitted to the House for ratification by the Government of Liberia through the Office of the President in line with UN General Assembly at a conference in 2013 which called on all of its members to ratify the Treaty.

The Treaty is to prevent and eradicate illicit trade of small arms, the diversion of small arms to unlawful markets or unauthorized end users.

The passage of the Bill followed a communication from the House’s Committee on Defense and Judiciary, calling on Plenary to ratify the bill due to its significance to the survival of Liberia as a post-war country.

According to the committee, the ratification of the Treaty will help Liberia to fight the proliferation of small arms.

Representative George Mulbah, Chairman of the Committee on Defense told his colleagues that call for the Treaty ratification met the approval of major stakeholders in the country, including the National Commission on Small Arms, Red Cross, United Nations Mission in Liberia and civil society organizations at a public hearing.

Representative Mulbah said during the hearing, stakeholders recommended the passage of the Bill due to its importance of protecting Liberia.

“Based on these recommendations from the stakeholders, the committee sought the indulgence of the House of Representatives to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty Bill aimed at saving the country and the sub-region,” Representative Mulbah noted.

Representative Mulbah said the Treaty was adapted at the regular sitting at the United Nations Headquarters after reviewing activities of other illicit small arms holders around the world to perpetrate violence.

He assured that when the Treaty is ratified, it would help the Government of Liberia to work with international partners to control the holding of small arms by non-state actors.


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