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The Movement for Labor Rights and Justice (MOLAJ) through support from its international partners has embarked on the teaching of detergent usage in the fight against Ebola.

The union says charity groups and Liberians providing anti Ebola items to citizens should educate those receiving the items about the usage.

MOLAJ observed that due to the failure of donor groups to educate the people on the usage of donated detergent, the recipients are infecting themselves due to lack of knowledge.

Recently, the union in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare concluded a week long workshop for workers at various places under the umbrella of MOLAJ on the use of anti Ebola materials or detergents.

 MOLAJ Project Advisor, David D. Sackoh said with the rapid spread of the Ebola virus in the sub-region, United Steel Workers Union (USWU), a strong partner of MOLAJ based in Canada and United States of America, provided an initial fund of $10,000 Canadian money to buttress the efforts of the union to protect its workers in the fight against the disease across the country.

Mr. Sackoh explained that Firestone Agriculture Workers Union of Liberia (FWUL), United Workers Union of Liberia Local #4 – ArcelorMittal, Liberia Labor Congress, (LLC), General Agriculture and Allied Workers Union of Liberia in the country launched an Ebola awareness campaign.


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