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….Liberia Or USA

rasirleafMore than four weeks after the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) ordered a full scale investigation into a leaked application form allegedly belonging to Mr. Robert A. Sirleaf, who reportedly requested for Liberian citizenship, there are reports that the senatorial aspirant is, in fact, a U.S. citizen.

Document in the possession of this paper revealed that Mr. Sirleaf is a U.S. citizen having participated in the electoral processes in the United States.

The document indicated that the son of the Liberian President has lived in America for several years, specifically at 3410 Gorham Gate DR, Charlotte (NC 28269) North Carolina, city of Mecklenburg.

The document cataloged historical facts which showed Mr. Sirleaf’s U.S. citizenship credentials.

According to the document, Rob Sirleaf has a voter registration number 000001071865 and that he registered as a voter in the United States on July 9, 1998.

 Mr. Sirleaf is said to have voted in the United States at a polling center identified as University City United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall at 3835 W W T HARRIS BLVD, CHARLOTTE, NC 28269; with prescient number 214.

For more than three days, this paper has been making efforts to get response from the office of Robert Sirleaf, but proved unsuccessful, despite several calls and text messages sent.

Montserrado County Representative Edwin Snowe was the first person who blew the alarm on Robert Sirleaf, when he alleged that Mr. Sirleaf has a U.S. Passport. However, Rep. Snowe did not continue with his claim due to apparent political manipulations.

Since then, the Montserrado County lawmaker has remained mute on the issue until recently when a leaked application form purportedly from Mr. Sirleaf indicated that he was seeking naturalization to become a Liberian citizen.

The leaked documents from the BIN included two pages of a letter dated June 2010, purported to be written by Mr. Sirleaf stating that he’s an American citizen seeking a change of status in consonance with the Alien and Naturalization Act of Liberia. The second is a form filled in handwriting requesting an adjustment in immigration status.

Mr. Sirleaf did not react to the BIN leaked document. However, in a recent Frontpageafrica interview, Mr. Sirleaf said he’s a Liberian by birth. 


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