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capitolbuldingWhat appears to be an Ebola fear has grabbed Legislators and staffers at the Legislature following the death of one of the Chamber door keepers at the House of Representatives, Capt. James Morlu.

Capt. Morlu died recently at the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town, following a brief illness.

Information gathered by this paper reveals that Morlu was suspected of showing signs and symptoms of the virus, and that his body is presently in the possession of the Ebola Team for testing to ascertain the exact cause of death.

In a press statement, the House of Representatives said it was suspending its Tuesday’s Session based on medical advice.

According to the statement under the signature of the House’s Press Bureau Director Isaac Redd, the suspension of the session would allow the House’s Chambers and surrounding offices to be disinfected due to a probable case of Ebola, but did not confirm the source of the probable Ebola case.

“Members and Chamber Staff have been asked to stay away during and forty eight (48) hours after the chlorination. The Chief Clerk of the House, Hon. Mildred Siryon has been instructed to communicate the House’s decision to the Honorable Liberian Senate,” the statement indicated.

According to our Legislative reporter, those who might have had close contact with the late Morlu have been advised by the World Health Organization Contact Tracing Team to isolate themselves for 21 days while it makes effort to ascertain the case of Morlu’s death.

Key among the Capitol Building employees being advised by the WHO Contact Tracing Team are the Sergeant At Arm at the House of Representatives, General Martin Johnson, and all Chamber door keepers who the late Morlu directly worked with prior to his death.

Speaking Tuesday at the Capitol, a Contact Tracing Focal Person at the World Health Organization office in Liberia, Madam Edvida Penn told General Johnson and others who may have had direct contact with the late Morlu to isolate themselves from their families and the Capitol Building for the period of 21 days.

 “You have to be home for 21 days; all those that worked closely with this man have to be quarantined,” Madam Penn advised.


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