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The NEWS newspaper was established as the voice of the voiceless and made its maiden appearance on the newsstand on April 24, 1989.

Since then, The NEWS has for more than 22 years strived against the odds ranging from arbitrary closure by government to arbitrary arrests and detentions of journalists working with the Paper. 

In spite of such odds, The NEWS has remained privately-owned, self-supported and a critical voice on national governance issues.

It is published by the Liberia Media and Marketing Services Ltd.

About 90 percent of its income comes from advertisements while the remaining 10 percent comes from sales of the Paper.

The NEWS is a 12-paged daily publication,Mondays through Fridays.It is based in Monrovia, the Capital of the West African state of Liberia.

It covers wide range of issues including social, sports, political and the economy as well as cultural among others.

The online publication of The NEWS newspaper was re-launched on Friday, 27 May 2011, following a prolong absence due to technical problems.

The NEWS newspaper is structured with an Editorial Department headed by an Editor-in-Chief and a Commercial Department headed by a Business Manager.

The daily operations of both departments are supervised and coordinated by a Managing Editor,an equivalent of a Managing Director or General Manager who reports to the Board of Directors quarterly.

Our Staff


Meet our dependable staff

Our staff comprises of some of the best journalists and professionals to keep you informed about the lastest news and happenings from Liberia and around the world.


Our Services


Services we offer

We modeled our services focused on satisfying our news audience. We are also committed to helping our local businesses and organizations become successful.